NYC: SWU’s Shahar Azani on Israel’s Challenges and Opportunities in a Shifting World:

Israel’s Challenges and Opportunities in a Shifting World: BDS and Beyond

Shahar Azani, Executive Director, StandWithUs Northeast Region.

As the Middle East is changing, Israel is facing internal, regional and external challenges, including the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. At the same time, developments in the Arab world, Africa and elsewhere are presenting Israel with new opportunities. Come hear a thorough analysis of Israel’s current position in the world, and what we can do to overcome BDS and build support for Israel and for peace.

Shahar Azani is the Executive Director for StandWithUs Northeast Region, an international non-profit Israel education organization dedicated to supporting Israel around the world. It uses innovative programs and proactive campaigns, educational materials, speakers, conferences, online resources and fellowships, in high schools, campuses and beyond. StandWithUs has 16 offices across the U.S., Canada, Israel, Australia and the UK.